Friday, August 31, 2007


I really don't have anything to post about, I just need to fill up some space so I don't have to look at my darn toes every time I open my blog.

I did just add a new link to the right- Because I Said So. A friend first forwarded her EBay auction which had her blog address and it's some funny stuff!

Unfortunately, not too terribly much to report on the house. It feels like NOTHING has happened in the past two months, even though a few things have. Funny thing is- the builder gave our name as a reference and hubby spoke with her last night for almost an hour. I'm just shocked he thinks at this point we'd give a quick, good reference.

I am moving offices at work, so I get the joy of packing it all up this afternoon. Haven't had enough packing in the past few months, so I'm totally overjoyed.

And in other news, my clothes don't fit anymore. 11 weeks and I definitely look pregnant. Or extra fat. And of course my maternity clothes are in the utmost unreachable spot in storage and the last thing I want to do is buy more maternity clothes. Argh. @!#$@#$ builder. Should be in our house by now, all settled and happy.


Lee said...

That is always the problem with houses. Teh big things happen and you think "Wow! Nearly done!" and then the fiddly things seem to take FOREVER. But you will get there in the end. I promise.

Sara said...

No, they're not in unreachable storage! They're in my closet - let's get together so I can get them back to you!!