Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guitars, drums, and bermuda grass

A lot of activities planned for this afternoon. We are meeting with the landscape architect so she can present our plan. I am excited to see what she has in store for us. One of hubby's requests was bermuda grass in the backyard. I'm thinking it would make a lovely putting green for me.

After that meeting, we're off to dinner with a friend before the Rush concert. I've lost track of how many Rush concerts I've been to, but they never disappoint. Since it is at The Woodlands, I'm hoping to catch a quick cat nap on the way out so that maybe I can stay awake past 9:15 this evening.


Sara said...

I assume it's at the margaret mary murphy mitchell (etc.) outdoor pavillion? That's good - you shouldn't be inside with a bunch of pot smoke! :)

But you'd better take along plenty of ice water...

Have fun!

Lee said...

You have built a house AND still have $$$ left over for a landscape architect? I am impressed!

Courtney said...

The landscape architect plan was a gift from our realtor. The real question is do we have the $$ to buy any of the plants in the plan!!

Oh, and good advice for the concert Sara. I nearly passed out it was so hot. I had to sit in the beverage area for quite awhile before I felt halfway normal again. And bands come to Houston in August to an outdoor arena why???