Monday, June 11, 2007

Snake bite

Friday, hubby and the boy headed north to work on the trailer park. The girl, myself, our dog and my mom headed south to their cabin in the woods. My father is working on developing property in the area and had left early in the morning.

After a bite to eat and a little nap, I awoke to my mom telling me to wake up. The dog's cheek was swollen and she was panting and drooling. Dad and I rushed off to find a vet in the nearest town- Hallettsville, population 2,772. In the waiting room was a woman and her dog, who was a mirror to my dog with the snake bitten cheek. After a quick check and a shot of penicillin and steroids, we headed back to the cabin for r&r. Fortunately, the remainder of the weekend was much less eventful and I came back rested.

However, Monday quickly kicked in and I was told at 8:00 am of an all day meeting I was supposed to attend at 8:00 am.

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