Friday, June 29, 2007


I apologize for the terrible picture. I took it with my camera phone and only took one, so it's the best I can do.

Went to the Astros game last night with several coworkers. The timing was amazing because last night Biggio hit the 3000 mark in hits. The crowd roared every time Biggio was up to bat. The place went nuts when it happened and even I was caught up in the moment. Which is a big deal because I have carried a grudge against Biggio for 19 years.

I was 13 and begged and pleaded for my parents to take me to the baseball card shop where Biggio would be signing autographs. I had my baseball cards ready and waited and waited and waited. He never showed and I was absolutely crushed. Last night, they were giving away Biggio signed cards to a select few based on their seats. And no, I didn't win, so after all of these years, I will still carry on the grudge.

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