Friday, May 18, 2007


Vacation is almost over. I would like to say that I crossed all the items off my list and still managed to sneak in some fun. Unfortunately, the week did not turn out that way. We did spend countless hours at the house, watching, thinking, and planning. We picked out the cultured stone and tried out several colors for the house. I bought most of the tile for the house. I did get taxes finished and caught up on accounting for one of our companies. Managed to get some repairs for one of our existing rental started.

However, we did not punch out one item of the repairs required before we sell our home. Still have several lingering items to finish on the new rental. Did not get a chance to look at appliances and I wanted to tour some local model homes for tile/appliance/decorating ideas.

My niece was hospitalized this week with cellulitis from a spider bite. We took the kids to see her and in less than half an hour she went from down in the dumps to laughing. The girl got sick and we've spent the last two days dragging her around on our errands. We took the boy lunch and cupcakes for his birthday yesterday (a month early since it falls in the summer).

We did not once make it to the gym and worst of all- no golf! The weather is perfect right now too. And if anyone is still with pics on the house......

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