Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy belated Mother's Day

I'm only a couple of days behind. The weekend was nice- started with the boy's baseball team party Friday evening. Our new house is in a different league and one that I have heard is more serious. The last few games the boy has really come around including almost making a triple play Monday night!! He did make several double plays this week which proves his capabilities when he focuses.

Saturday morning was spent doing the weekend laundry fun and the boy had his last baseball game for the season. I then spent 4 hours with my tax advisor that evening while my parents kept the kids. I really, really, really, really, really hate taxes. And it is a huge weight off my shoulders that they are finally complete, albeit a month late.

Sunday, I dropped the boy off with my grandparents for church and the girl and I hit the gym. We all met up at my aunt's house for a Mother's Day celebration. I stopped by my mother-in-laws on the way home to visit and give her a gift. Hubby finally arrived home Sunday evening after all the festivities had finished.

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