Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am going to run away!

We finally joined a gym! Yeah! And not just any gym, but Lifetime Fitness. I have been wanting to join for years, but with a treadmill and complete weight set at home, it seemed like a luxury. Hubby signed us up yesterday afternoon and we got the kids all excited telling them we were going swimming! After dinner! In the winter!

I pick up some of the materials and see that the pool is closed on Wednesdays after 2 pm. Hubby calls to confirm. Uh oh. We try to substitute driving around, looking at Christmas lights and promise a trip to the pool tomorrow.

The boy gets upset halfway through the event, so we cut out early and start heading home. Then it turns into a full blown tantrum. He's crying and begging to look at more lights. Then he says that he is going to run away and find better parents. He adds- I am sure I can find better parents than you!

Hubby, being a kid trapped in an adult's body, stops at a house on our street with lots of lights. He tells the boy- these look like good parents, look at all the Christmas lights. Why don't you get out and ring the doorbell and see if you can live with them?

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha...I love your husband's answer.