Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Life in cubeville is tough. So tough, that the most mundane of office supplies take on mystical qualities. The nice gel pens that quickly leave the supply cabinet and are replaced with the cheap, leaky pens. Hole punches that can punch more than one sheet of paper at a time are coveted. So, it shouldn't surprise me that as soon as my departure was announced, the vultures moved in. When's your last day? We want your office. Anyone have tabs on your chair?

Which leaves me with a question. Are the hole punch and stapler company property? What about the half used pencils and highlighters?


Anonymous said...

If I have my off days in sync this is your last day at your company. I was just wondering how you are doing.

Lee said...

Hope all is going well. The pencil stubs are your, I reckon. The jury's out on the highlighters.