Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sometimes I wish my kids would stay the same age they are today. They are so cute and innocent and fun loving. I especially enjoy the moments that remind how much they still have to learn- like when they mispronounce words in some adorable interpretation. Sometimes I don't correct them just so I can hear it over and over again. I know these words will slowly drift out of my memory and I won't truly remember what it was like to live these precious moments with my children.

Last night was just such a night. I was completely stressed because I left work late, picked up the girl at her school, and had to stop by the store to order the cake for the boy's birthday party Saturday and pick up a few other things. I had exactly 30 minutes to do all of that and get to the boy's school to pick him up. As to be expected, I chose the line that took FOREVER. Four people in the line next to me had already checked out and loaded up their car by the time I reached the front of mine. I ran to the truck, threw the food in and raced off to get the boy and reached him right on time. Which left me 10 minutes to get to the dry cleaners before they closed. I hurried the kids into the truck, zoomed over to the cleaners, and got there 2 minutes before they closed.

Finally home, the kids were tired and hungry and we were an hour later than usual. I searched for something quick in the pantry for the kids- can of mini ravioli. While sitting around the dinner table, we all relaxed and talked about our day. And the girl kept referring to the ravioli as "crabioli". So cute.

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