Friday, October 14, 2005

Night stalker

Last night I dropped by a friend's mom house to pick up baby stuff I'd lent when my friend and her new adorable, little son and hubby were in town. I always get confused which street, which house and I'd already taken one wrong turn and was driving slowly to not miss it again. An older couple was out walking and they were walking in the street. Which always baffles me since it was dark and the neighborhood just installed sidewalks. But I guess it's just me that would rather not have a run in with a car when I'm on foot.

I digress. I am about three houses away when I come up behind the walking couple and I decide not to whip around and park right in front of them. So I slowly creep behind. And they start moving over to the side so that I can go around. But by this time it's too late. After about a minute of this, the guy starts getting agitated and turns around and throws his hands up in the air as if to say- WHY ARE YOU STALKING US???? At that very moment, I was in front of the correct house and put the car in park and turned off the headlights. They finally figure out I am not intentionally following behind and they continue on their merry way walking in the dark on the incorrect side of the street.

The sick part was how hard I was laughing about it all. Everyone seems to have a short fuse these days.

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