Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's play the opposite game!

My in-laws were taking the boy to his favorite fast food restaurant- the golden arches or as he calls it, dark tunnel and he explained the rules on the way there. If I say that I want chicken nuggets, then I want a hamburger. If I say I want milk, then I want a soda. If I say I want a hamburger, then I want chicken nuggets and if I say soda, then I want milk.

When the reach the counter, my father-in-law asks the boy what he wants to eat. "I want chicken nuggets and milk." My mother-in-law then asks if he really wants that or if he's playing opposite. He answers firmly that he wants chicken nuggets and milk. My father-in-law tells the clerk he wants a hamburger and soda. My mother-in-law then exclaims- "I'm confused"!

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