Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Precious days

Took the boy to the dentist yesterday afternoon. His teeth look great, lots of space for the permanent ones to come in, no cavities. The visit took longer than expected, so instead of taking time to take him back to school, I brought him into the office with me. I sit him down next to me, pull out a pad of paper and all the colored highlighters I have around and he gets busy 'doing his work'. He looks up at my bulletin board where I have pics of the family and points to his picture and exclaims- 'Mom! That boy looks just like me!!' I explain that it's because it is him. I finish up a few loose ends, show him how the copy machine works, and then take him around to visit a few people. He was so well behaved and it was so nice spending time together, just the two of us. After work, we picked up the girl and I finally delivered on my promise of McDonald's. It's days like these that I will miss so much when my babies aren't babies anymore.

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Michael said...

Did you put him to work? :)

My favorite memories were taking McDonald's to the elementary school on my off-Friday's.