Tuesday, March 29, 2005

DeLay and Terri Schiavo

Another fine example of DeLay in action. I have not formed an opinion on the Terri Schiavo case as I do not know all the facts. I do know that my husband knows more about my wishes than my parents would as I have discussed this very topic with him on multiple occasions, but never with my folks. I also know that starving is a terrible way to die, if your brain actually registers the feeling. And I know that I would never, ever, ever cast a vote for Tom DeLay, well unless it was to vote him off the island.

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Michael said...

The difference, conveniently left out or glossed over in the LA Times and Slate articles is that Charles Delay had a farm accident, his organs were failing, and he needed significant medical attention just to stay afloat. The LA Times says that both "were incapable of surviving without medical assistance."

Charles Delay needed a ventilator and other life support equipment.

Terri Schiavo just needs food.