Friday, October 03, 2008

Fire extinguisher training

One of the fire extinguishers at the house is several years old and the line on the pressure indicator was right between good and empty, so I decided to teach the kids how to use one. First I taught them the acronym PASS: P- pull the pin, A- aim at the base of the fire, S- squeeze the trigger and S- sweep back and forth. Next, I had Bubby 'put out a fire' which was really a piece of foam. Hubby thought I should have started an actual fire in our backyard. Then we had a discussion on when to try to put out the fire versus running away and getting help and when to dial 911. Smoochie then said she didn't know the number to dial 911. Apparently she inherited my intelligence.
Update on the training. Bubby wants to change the acronym to PASSS: pull the pin, aim, squeeze, sweep and scream.

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