Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye Nurse Karen

Last week hubby and I attended a memorial service for the kid's nurse at the doctor's office. We have known her since Bubby was born, eight years ago. Nurse Karen was such a special person- calm, sweet and reassuring. Although it was never spoken until it was too late, she was the reason we looked forward to taking the kids to the doctor. Neither of us had any idea of the struggles Karen was going through and we wished we had the opportunity to tell her how much we cared for her and appreciated her. Fortunately, we did get the opportunity to tell her family. You will be missed Nurse Karen.

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Sara said...

We also used to look forward to doctor's visits because of his nurse! She retired, however, last year sometime and doctor's visits aren't the same now.

From now on, I think I'll try to tell people who are special that they really do make a difference. Like you said, it may be too late some day.