Thursday, November 01, 2007

One of those days

You know the kind of day that the only thing pulling you through is the thought of a huge glass of wine at the end of it? That was my day today, only I can't use my usual crutch, so the only thing pulling me through was that it would eventually end.

The day started off innocently enough. The kids were in a good mood this morning when I was trying to light a fire under them so they wouldn't be late for school. I started in on my work and was happily minding my own business when I was notified that my project had been shelved. Then I sent out an innocent email about working from home tomorrow and shortly received a mass email from my new 'I'm stuck in my ways and don't care how the world operates these days because I am 182 days away from retirement' boss that is trying to micro manage.

Help me out here. If he doesn't need to know what I am working on every day that I am in the office and my anticipated accomplishments for the day, why does he need to know the gory details when I am working from home? If I am not a trust worthy employee then I shouldn't be working there in the first place. But don't worry, I sent a snarky reply that met all of his requirements while letting him know what I think of his demands. I'm sure Monday will be pleasant when I return to the office when I receive my reprimand.

Oh yes, back to the rest of my day. Several in my department headed across town to check out the venue for our holiday party. The traffic was horrible on the way home and I made a panicked call to my mom to get the kids before they closed. Then I remembered I still had to pay the boy's after school care, so I rushed to his school to drop off the check. And the director wanted to talk to me about the boy's behavior. After stressing to get there by the time they closed, fighting traffic for two hours, getting my job canceled, and my boss irritating the ever living you know what out of me, I told her it would have to wait until tomorrow. I was afraid she'd lose her head if it didn't.

So, please. I am begging you. Someone drink a large glass of wine for me!


Anonymous said...

It's a tough job, but I think I can take one for the team. Cheers!

Lee said...

"Someone drink a large glass of wine for me!" Well, ok. Just this once...