Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Brothers and Sisters

A new show on ABC, Brothers and Sisters, is on right after Desperate Housewives. The show depicts a large family and all the drama that goes along with being a large family. It makes me want to have more children. That and both the kids keep asking for a baby in the house. It is starting to get to the point where the boy and the girl will be too far apart in age, so I know that we need to act soon if we are going to have more children. They are both relatively self-sufficient- can dress themselves, brush their teeth, no more diapers- so it is hard to imagine starting all over again. My sister-in-law just had her third kid and holding the baby brought back all of those memories. I guess it is time to get serious about getting into fighting shape and going through it all over again.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Updating on two consecutive days!

Have you tried to balance your perspective by watching Super Nanny?

Anonymous said...

I don't know that there is a "too far apart in age" with siblings. Ours are eight years apart and it's worked out really well; they are besotted with each other.

But if you're getting baby fever, go for it!