Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Comedians, trampolines, lions

I had a lovely post written about this weekend and blogger crashed on me. I will briefly recap the weekend:

Friday was an off day for work, so I managed to tick off items on my to do list that I had rescheduled for months. The boy's summer program had a talent show Friday afternoon which included singing, dancing, comedians, and an art gallery. We visited with my aunt and uncle and cousin who came into town Friday evening. The kids were very excited to see my cousin as it has been months since he was in town last.

Saturday was the girl's birthday party. It was at a gymnastics studio and they sang songs, played on the rings, the balance beams, and the trampoline. The kids seemed to enjoy the party and I loved the fact that I didn't have to entertain 16 kids in my house.

Sunday evening the four of us went to dinner and then to watch the Lion King. It held their interest for nearly 3 hours, which is a testament to the entertainment value. I would highly recommend seeing it.

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