Saturday, November 26, 2005

Passing on the traditions

We took the boy to his first A&M football game yesterday. It is the biggest game of the season, against our rivals, the Longhorns. We spent Thursday alternating between both of our families for Thanksgiving feasts and then headed to College Station that evening. Arriving just before the midnight yell practice (which happens at 8 pm the night before the t.u. game), we met up with hubby's buddies from the corp. It's been 10 years since we've seen some of them.

It was so much fun to introduce our first born to the traditions that make A&M unique. Yell practice, corp march-ins, shooting the cannon, our fight song and yells, the amazing band. He was humming the Aggie war hymn the whole way home.

And even though we lost the game against the #1 ranked team in the nation, we gave them quite a scare.


Anonymous said...

Gig 'em!

Anonymous said...

You went to Texas A&M? Did you mention this before we became friends? Oh well, it didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now. Just in case I forgive you for going to A&M.