Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I want one of those!

Hubby has a gold tooth. Really, it's just a filling but my son is fascinated with it. The other night, the boy complained about one of his teeth hurting and we mentioned if it kept hurting, we'd have to take him to the dentist and he might need a filling. This, apparently, was his plan. He gets excited and says that he wants to go. I tell him it will hurt.

"That's ok. I'm brave. I might cry, but that's ok."

Hmmm, might need another tactic. Hubby tells him, you don't want one of these. The boy answers, oh yes I do. So, hubby says tomorrow, I'll get my drill and my biggest drill bit and I'll drill out the cavity and then hammer metal into it. The boy goes to bed happy.

The next day, while swinging on the playground, the boy calls out to his dad. "Dad! Come here! I've got a secret for you. I need to tell you in the garage." They move to the garage and he whispers "I'm ready for my filling now". Hubby gets the drill and hammer and the boy, still unfazed asks, what metal he was going to use. He wants something shiny. Hubby tells him it will have to wait until he gets the right metal. Fortunately, the boy must have decided a little bling in him mouth is not all that.

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Uma said...

I just got a gold tooth in the back of my mouth, last tooth on the upper left. The process of getting it was terrible, but now that it is in, I kinda like it. Stupid root canals.