Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Father-in-Law and the Air Mattress

We just moved into a new house, but don't have the old house on the market yet. We were waiting to move the kids, toys r us mini store, dog, and cat and clean the place up before we sell it. Most of the furniture was left so the house still seems like a home. Therefore, at the new house, we have nothing to sit on or sleep on. Time to pull out the old air mattress. After 30 minutes of using the tiny little battery operated pump that came with the mattress and still having a air mattress without air, I figure it's time for Plan 'B'.

I'm thinking the intelligent solution to Plan 'B' would be:
1) Drive to store, buy new batteries for pump.
2) Drive to old house and pick up air compressor from garage.
3) Sleep on the floor because I'm too tired to notice anyway.

My father-in-law has a different idea. He starts blowing it up himself. Now, the guy is full of hot air, but I'm wondering whether he'll get the mattress filled up before he passes out. After about 20 minutes of blowing into the thing, he starts asking weird questions. Is the room spinning? Why are there stars floating in the room? And then follows with nonsensical banter. I'm starting to grow worried until he asks whether I like my mattress soft, firm, or ultra firm.

Thanks to him, I slept like a baby that night. Or at least as much as one can while sleeping on an air mattress.


Michael said...

Heh. My relatives act like that even when they're not blowing up air mattresses.

With a good night's sleep, there is no reason to be grumpy. No reason at all.

Courtney said...

You trying to say I'm grumpy? You think this is grumpy, I'll show you grumpy!!

Michael said...

I am *not* trying to say you're grumpy. I mentioned no names.

Sheesh. Don't be so grumpy. :)