Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some parents

I am amazed at all of the wonderful, generous people that I meet in life. I am also amazed at the people who try to take advantage of others and seem to have no compassion or understanding for anyone besides themselves.

My son is on a t-ball team and the coach and the team mom are married. They are wonderful, generous people and very devoted to their kids. This couple happens to have 3 kids under the age of 4, they both work, and they are both volunteering their time for the team.

It all started with collecting the money to pay for coach's gifts, the team banner, names on the back of their shirts, and snacks at the games. It was $50 a team member. I know the team mom felt bad, but there were only 10 kids on the team this year and frankly, that's just how much it cost.

One of the kid's dads sent out emails questioning the $50, wanting a break down of each item, wanting to know where his registration money went, etc. Fair enough. Team mom sent out the budget and then he argued with $20 for coaches gifts, $10 for snacks and water, and so on. The team mom was infinitely patient and kindly responded to each interrogation.

Things died down until today. Now he's upset because his kid didn't get his bottle of water at the last game (not that he asked for it either). And now someone else is upset because her kid didn't like the snack. I wanted to blast them, but instead my dear friend Sara helped me draft a nice email. However, it was not nearly as satisfying as telling them all to grow up.


Darkle said...

About a thousand years ago in the dark ages before the time of computers, in other words when I was in my last year of high school I helped to coach a little league team. The kids were never the problem. What made it almost intolerable were the parents. Just who were the children here? Yes, you should say just grow up.

Lee said...

What is it with parents? The kids usually know it is just a game.