Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The lone wolf

I sometimes feel like the only blogger that belongs to Homespun Bloggers who is not a conservative Christian. I joined when I first started blogging (nearly 2 years ago!) and I was introduced to it by my friend and coworker, Michael at Chasing the Wind. It seemed like a great way to network and "get myself out there". Unfortunately, I do not have that much in common with many of the bloggers in the network and in fact, find several of them down right offensive.

But I haven't left and I don't think I will. I've never been afraid to be one who sticks out, the one who doesn't quite fit in. It is obvious by looking at the people I choose as friends. I enjoy having people in my life who have completely different views from myself. I think it makes me a better person.


Lee said...

I have been amazed with the people I have found on-line. I originally got into blogging as a way of putting various beliefs about sex, religion and politics on my website. I looked at the blogs as vessels for the ideas. I hadn't counted on the people I would meet, ideas I would share. Oddly most of the people I relate to are women.

Meeting people with different views can make you think, make you stretch just a little. Not a bad thing at all.

Michael said...

Oddly, I've considered that Homespon Bloggers isn't conservative enough for me. :P

Lee said...

Oooo...had a peek at Homespun Bloggers. Good to see that old arts, such as tar and feathering, are being preserved. No, not my natural habitat.