Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Running out of ideas

I'm ready for my next assignment as I have run out of ways to keep myself entertained. I had to stop with online training when I found myself arguing with the material being presented. I can't shop because hubby got a promotion and along with it a 2/3rd's pay cut (don't ask). I can't eat because I'm trying to finally shed the baby weight. I can't exercise (much) because I don't have any energy because I can't eat. I've visited the ends of the internet and now I'm just plain bored with it.

My last project brings up moments of insanity (like the past two days) but I put out all the fires and am waiting for the next. I probably should be doing something productive, I'm just not sure what.


kate said...

Good God I am right there with you! Some days I am so freaking bored I could scream ( and do usually at the kids... lol) I need to get motivated!

I made a list last week of the things I could/should do. I put a little reward next to each (ya like I am 6 and need a sticker chart). It didnt help but I thought I would pass on the idea! lol

nice blog ty

Lee said...

You have our attention!

Darkle said...

Courtney said...

I completed 4 levels and then got bored with it....bored with what is supposed to relieve my boredom.