Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life in the cubes

I presume cubicles are great if you need to hear what everyone else is doing and you don't actually have to concentrate on anything. The guy on the other side of the wall is looking at installing an instant hot water heater in his house, in case anyone cares. Which I don't.


Darkle said...

Oh, I have been thinking about installing one of those! Really, that is not my comment. Two cube down sounded like he was going to hack up a lung about every ten minutes. Just unbelievably annoying and distracting. So the company did the compassionate thing and fired him.

Michele said...

Can you e-mail me at:

michele (dot) melendez (at) newhouse (dot) com?

I'd like to ask you about your Feb. 9 post, "Nothing to blog about."


Lee said...

You could always say something like "Quickly, someone might catch us!" just loud enough to be heard and then see who just happens to 'wander by'.