Monday, March 27, 2006

Kid's weekend

We had non-stop kid fun this weekend. Friday started with swimming lessons, then a quick shower, and on to the carnival at the boy's school. We happened upon our friends who their daughter is the girl's best friend and the son is in the boy's class at school. The boys loved the silly string fights and the girls loved the moonwalk.

Saturday was the opening day for baseball. The teams marched in a parade, played games, and had professional pics made in their uniforms. After a brief rest at home Saturday afternoon, it was birthday party time. I took the girl to the party and it turned out that she had an older brother who was friends with the boy. So, hubby brought over the boy. Then it turns out that the father is a flight instructor, building up time to become a commercial airline pilot, which is hubby's job.

Sunday, we headed over to a friend's house (the same ones from Friday night) and packed a picnic for a family concert in their neighborhood. After the concert and playing at their house, we all went out to dinner.

I did find the secret to well behaved children- keep them busy and entertained every minute of the day and make sure they are in constant motion.


Lee said...

Constant motion? Isn't that the origin of the word 'commotion'?

But, yes, keep them amused and moving is definitely the way to go.

Darkle said...

I find that just chaining them up works well too.