Tuesday, February 15, 2005

V-day wrap-up

For a day that I despise so much, it was actually quite pleasant. It's not that I despise the day, it's how contrived it is. You must buy your woman flowers, jewelry, and chocolate and either take her out to dinner or cook for her. And don't forget the card. All of the above irks me because it assumes that the man needs to be reminded to make his little lady feel special and that cooking dinner for her is a special occasion. Maybe I just demand more from my mate. We're more partners with an equal balance of power in the relationship. Plus I hate flowers. They die and I'm allergic. And don't even get me starting on how the day affects those who are not happily coupled.

So, where was I? Oh, yes. What a wonderful day it was. Hubby was working on the house, so I picked up his lunch order from Sonic- chili cheese dog, fries, cherry limeade slush and tried not to vomit when I delivered it. How anything that looks like that can be appetizing is beyond me. We cooked dinner for my folks and they watched the kids while we went to see Hitch. Laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Then we made coffee with a splash of Kahlua and ate tres leches that my folks had picked up for us.

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