Monday, February 14, 2005

Full Circle

It's amazing how we repeat the same actions of our parents. I have many memories of hanging out in one of the rental houses my parents owned, them painting and cleaning and repairing, my brother and I watching The Twilight Zone. And I remember how they smelled and I remember the calls for my dad to fix the stove, the sink, ..... and I remember thinking to myself, I will never....

And so this weekend, we spent sprucing up the latest house for lease. Dropped the girl off with my folks and brought the tv & vcr, leap pad, coloring books, and radio for my son and went to work. Bribed him to help with the promise of ice cream. Spent most of Saturday removing wallpaper and trying to remove a broken door handle that my son had closed. Sunday, we dropped both kids with hubby's folks and my parents came over the check out the house. First thing out of my dad's mouth is 'what can I do to help' as he picks up a shower head and says this looks easy. 4 hours later, they have to leave for their dinner reservations. And they thought their rental rehab days were over.

I imagine in 20 years, we'll be helping our kids with their rental properties.

On a side note, I was REALLY glad to come in to work today. This is so easy.

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Anonymous said...

Being a slum lord is far easier.

My parents had eleven rent houses and, yes, I had the same experiences except that part about watching the Twilight Zone. On the bright side though I can fix anything. Best of luck in your endeavors.