Friday, February 11, 2005

Silly camp songs

I learned all sorts of silly songs at the various camps I attended growing up - church camp, volleyball camp, fish camp at A&M. Several have stuck in my mind forever including Joe at the Button Factory. Maybe you've heard it too:

Hi! My name is Joe. And I work in a button factory. The other day, my boss comes up to me and says Hey Joe- are you busy? I say no, he says turn the button with your right hand.

And so it repeats until your hands are turning, your feet are turning, your back end is turning, your head is turning and you're sticking out your tongue to turn the button and finally Hey Joe- are you busy? I say yes! Only it sounds like hey thoe are thu buhy I thay yeth!

My husband did not attend camp, does not know any camp songs (besides jodies, but that's another story and not PG) and is sometimes annoyed when I try to sing them. So, I try to abstain. Which makes it even funnier when the boy busts out with Joe and the button factory at dinner the other night. Hubby turns to me laughing and asks if I taught it to him. But he'd learned it at school. Glad to know our 17K a year is going to good use.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for the words to the song "Grandma's Lyesoap and Does your spearmint lose its flavour on the bedpost over night.

Anonymous said...

You can find it at Camp Songs - Ultimate Camp Resource.