Monday, February 07, 2005

Pity party? Your table for 1 is now available.

What a weekend. Started off good enough. Had the day off Friday- got the tires rotated, bought a replacement for the broken coffee pot. Started prepping the house for the housekeeper's arrival today. My plan was to fly with hubby to Salt Lake City as he had a 42 hour layover there. Dropped the kids off at my folks, met him at the airport and didn't even come close to getting on the airplane. It was overbooked. Rats.

On to Plan B. Real estate meeting Saturday morning, but wasn't feeling so hot Friday, so I decided to not set the alarm and if I woke up in time, great. If not, I must have needed the sleep. I finally opened my eyes Saturday morning and it was 10:15 am. And I couldn't talk. Completely lost my voice and was feeling much worse. Decided probably not the best idea to pass it along to all the children at a birthday party that afternoon, so I blew that off.

Sunday, I continued prepping the house for the housekeeper (i.e. putting junk away, laundry, cleaning up the toys). Then went to the store to pick up things for the Superbowl party at a friend's that afternoon. Thought my daughter felt warm, but was still in denial. Finally took her temp and it was 101. Rats. Several hours later after her nap, it was 103.8. Gave her some medicine, tried to keep both the kids entertained, and had to convince my son that watching the game was better than the recorded Dora the Explorers. Hubby finally gets back from his tough weekend in Salt Lake.

Today, Daddy gets to take the girl to the doctor. And we're closing on a house this afternoon. This makes #4.

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Michael said...

So sorry you and your family is under the weather. :(

"Sand in the Gears" has the same family illness issues as you; I found his take on it very interesting.