Thursday, December 21, 2006


One of the main goals for our new house is to design it for the way we live our lives and to make that a little easier, neater, and better organized. We fought hard to get a mud room where we will most likely enter the house. We are building in a small desk area in the kitchen to help with managing activities and school work. When we move, the plan is to sell/donate/trash the items we don't use. I am seriously contemplating selling the fine china and crystal. I bought a book on home organizing, but am looking for more ideas.

Anyone have good tips or techniques for making your home more organized?


Jo said...

Flylady. She's not really about organization, except she preaches that you can't organize clutter. She's good for getting you to pare down on the stuff you don't need.

Lee said...

You want an organised home?

Sell the kids.

Sara said...

I'm seriously considering selling the house and moving us all into a 500 square foot place.

You know, the smaller the place, the more you have to pare down and the more you have to really THINK about what you choose to keep in your life.

Sara said...

I may just come and move in with you just to have the built-in desk in the kitchen. That's a dream of mine. :)