Friday, January 23, 2009

If not a parent, don't read!

One day last week, hubby tells me the story of how he was awakened. I'm sure his alarm had been going off for at least 30 minutes when he started hearing sounds from Sudsy's room from the baby monitor. He also hears Bubby and decides he'd better check out what was going on. Bubby went into Sudsy's room, took him out of the crib, and was proceeding to attempt a poopy diaper change! Both boys were covered in poop and tons of poopy diaper wipes were gathered up around them. Sudsy had poop on his hands, his face, his feet....

My first thought? I hope Sudsy didn't eat poop. My second thought? You didn't take a picture??? I wonder if they have stinky diaper stickers for scrapbooking. That would have made a great page in my album! I'm sick, I know.

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Lee said...

I'm rather glad you couldn't post a picture!