Thursday, June 15, 2006

Strange dream

Whenever I can remember my dreams, it is always a treat. And mildly disturbing. The other night, one involved Julia Roberts, a cruise ship, Fighting Texas Aggie Band, business partner, husband, kids, current supervisor and a kidnapper.

I was working in this large computer lab and was unhappy. My current supervisor kept yelling at me about my work quality and quantity. (Actually, that is close to my current reality). So, I decided to quit and just walked out. When I left the building, I found myself on the river walk at the Woodlands and a crowd had gathered. A very pregnant Julia Roberts was on a cruise ship passing through. A parade had formed, including the Aggie band. However, when the ship passed through, it was so large, it created a wake that started destroying the river walk. Myself and another girl standing next to me were able to slow down the cruise ship and saved the lives of thousands.

After I saved the day, I ran into hubby, our business partner, and my kids. I needed to take a shower after playing hero, but I didn't want to lose sight of the kids, so I just took a shower out in the open. That is when a couple of strangers tried to distract me so they could kidnap my kids. That is when the alarm went off.....

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Darkle said...

That dream foretells your future and I understand it completely! But if I told you it would upset the space-time continuum and destroy the universe.