Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The extended family spent a fabulous weekend on an exotic game ranch in Leakey, located in west Texas. We spent a weekend there every October. The weather was beautiful and the scenery couldn't be any better. So, of course all 17 of us were huddled around a small tv Saturday afternoon to watch the Astros.

My uncle's a former college baseball player and his kids all played and my cousin's boyfriend still plays in an adult league. We are a baseball loving family.

The Astros were up 4-3 in the ninth and it looks like the we're on our way to a 2-1 lead in the NLCS. My grandmother gets up and heads upstairs and the momentum starts to shift. It looks as if the Cardinals might score and everyone starts yelling "Maw-Maw- get back down here!!! You need to get back into your seat!" We finally get her back into her seat, Astros get the third out and everyone starts giving Maw-Maw high fives for winning the game.

Hmph. Baseball players and their superstitions.


Darkle said...

Ok, who did what yesterday that they weren't suppose to?

Courtney said...

Ah crap. It's my fault- fell asleep when it was 2-1, woke up and went to 4-2 and then fell asleep again.