Monday, October 10, 2005

Let's go Astros!

We went to the Texans game yesterday. That was painful. Not sure how many times Carr was sacked because I lost count. Hubby brought a little tv to watch the Astros while we were at the Texans game. I found that a little strange and rude, but realized half the other men at the game had headphones on and were listening to the Astros while watching the Texans.

It's the 3rd quarter, we're down by umpteen thousand and the Titans are getting ready to score again. The Astros are down 6-1 and Berkman's at bat and the bases are loaded. He hits a grand slam and half the crowd at the Texans game goes wild!!! They post the score and the other half goes wild. The guys on the field break their huddle and look a little confused. The crowd starts chanting "Let's Go Astros!" and some are yelling to put the game on!

I felt bad for the Texans, but the Astros pulled it out against Atlanta in game 4 in 18 innings. Now it's on to the National League Championship Series.

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