Thursday, January 06, 2005

One problem solved

If you live in the Houston area, hate to cook, but like to eat, I have a solution for you. Place called village table and you select 12 recipes, show up, and put them all together. When you get home, you stick them in your freezer. Voila! Dinner's solved. It's great because there's no prepping, no spending hours in the kitchen, no cleanup. And for me, that's a great bonus. I'm a mess in the kitchen and I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up after me (which used to be me).

They've been open for a year now and I tried them early last year. Was not impressed with the recipes, so tried to do it on my own- making a bunch of meals ahead and freezing. Finally went back last month and they've improved vastly. So I'm now a convert.


Michael said...

Whoa. I was going to drop by for a visit, but that's an amazing service.

Anonymous said...

What? You actually have to prepare them yourself? What's so great about that even if you don't have to clean up after yourself?

Anonymous said...

(It's me, spinthemoon)

Someone else was just telling me about this a couple of months ago. She and her daughter go on Saturdays and fix the meals together. It sounded like fun but I'm sure Rob wouldn't eat anything they have. He's such a philistine when it comes to food.