Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We just returned from a 10 day vacation in California. We started off in San Diego (thanks to the lovely aspect of standy flying) and drove to LA. We spent the day in Disneyland and then picked up our RV for the week to drive up the coast. All five of us, in a 31 foot trailer. Lots of family time and I will post pictures soon.

We just returned home tonight and our bodies have not adjusted to Central standard time, so we're sitting around the dinner table eating pizza at 10 pm. Somehow we got on the subject of baby names and I would get caught up in the conversation until I realized what we were talking about and would exclaim- HEY! No more babies!!! The kids are emphatic that they want a little brother and sister so after one refusal on my part, Bubby turns to Hubby and says- Hey Daddy! Sneak in there!! We were all in tears.

Later on in the dinner conversation, Hubby tells Smoochie that she needs to get her back pack off the floor. Apparently some of the educational aspects of the trip paid off and she tells him that the floor is her backpack's natural habitat.

It's weird being back to what now feels like our giant sized house. The close quarters definetely brought us closer together.

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