Saturday, March 21, 2009

Big Boys and Spring Break

Last week was Sudsy's 1st birthday. I had the extended family over for dinner and cake, which I made from scratch. For the first time, ever. I even had to make the dye to get the color blue (boiled purple cabbage and baking soda, in case you're curious). He's running now and more fun every day.

I took off a day and a half off from work to spend a bit of time with the kids during spring break. We took the kids to the rodeo, had some friends over for dinner, and basically spent time together as a family unit, which is rare with hubby and I working opposite shifts. We even managed to squeeze in a date night. Hubby took the kids swimming and to the planetarium and for a picnic at the park. It has been perfect weather. If the weather was always like this, well, we couldn't afford to live here.

Good news on the Feingold front. We are starting to see improvements. Nothing too dramatic, but definite progress. We have all messed things up more than once, so it is still a learning experience.

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Sara said...

Fellan went the whole week before Spring Break without getting in trouble and he finished his work all week. Amazing. Will be interesting to see if he can pull it off again this week after being gone and having his schedule all thrown-off for a week...

P.S. Boiled cabbage?! Now that's dedication.