Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school

Smoochie laid out an outfit for the first day of school days before school started. Note the attention to detail- the headband, lipstick by the collar, necklace and fingernail polish laid out where the hands would be. I did talk her into wearing something a little less formal the first day.

Hubby decided it was a great idea to draw a skull and cross bones on Bubby's back in permanent ink the day before school started. Friends had invited us over for a back to school party. After tattooing their son's back, we probably won't be invited again.

Aren't they sweet when they're not fighting?

I love this picture of hubby helping Smoochie with her backpack and the school bus in the background.

All went smoothly the first day back. Both kids were up and dressed before school even opened. Smoochie went into her classroom, sat down and didn't look back. Hubby had to drag me out of her room. I probably would have stayed all day.


jo said...

ha ha ha...I love the skull and crossbones tatoos!

Lee said...

Make the most of it. They grow up SO quickly.