Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh my gawd

After work, I drove by the little old house that is no more on the way to pick the boy up from school. I decided to stop as I noticed that someone was repairing the neighbor's roof (which was fairly new) and that the big old tree was gone. I was greeted with the pleasant news that things could have been much, much worse.

My builder talked to the tree guys this morning and the game plan was to lop the 50', nearly 100 year old tree piece by piece. As he left to run a couple of errands, the amateur hour tree bozos decided to speed things up a bit. They tied a 3/4" rope around the tree and tried to pull it down. Fortunately, the wood post on the fence stopped a huge branch from completely crashing through the neighbor's house, who happened to be home at the time.

As I am trying to put my head around the fact that we almost killed my neighbor, I watch in horror as the back hoe operator whips the heavy machinery around with little to no regard for the tree we are trying to save, my truck, the portocan, etc. And then I see the spray of water as he digs up the water main. I quickly decide that this is why I am paying the builder and tell him I've had enough, I am heading home to my wine.

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