Wednesday, January 24, 2007

God necklace

When hubby and I married and talked about how we would raise our children, the topic of religion was one of the topics. He was raised Jewish, myself Christian and neither of us believed in either God or organized religion. So, how to raise the kids? We decided they should find their own way, much like we did. We never expected it to turn out this way!

The boy is very interested in religion. He attends church weekly with my grandparents (the only ones in the family who attend regularly). He has been asking for a "god necklace" for over a year. He even made a cross necklace out of rubber bands, staples, and ribbon. My grandmother had a cross and necklace for him when I dropped him off for church last Sunday. He has not taken it off since.

The preschool the kids attend(ed) has a prayer they say before every meal. The girl announced last night that she was saying prayer. The boy then wanted to say prayer and he asked if it was ok if he make one up. His went something like "It is ok if you are Jewish. It is ok if you are not. We believe in you God. Amen".

Even if I personally don't agree with his beliefs, I love that he is finding his own way and that he is following his heart.

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