Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sick Baby

The family went on our annual trip to Leaky in the hill country. We stay on a game reserve and it is absolutely wonderful. Saturday, The Baby started acting sick, just not herself. Sunday evening she felt warm, so I took her temp. 101.7. Monday morning I planned on taking her to my grandparents since she couldn't go to day care. I took her temp Monday before we left and it was a whopping 103. Called the doc and took her in. The doctor was concerned because she didn't have any obvious symptoms. They pricked her finger and ran a CBC. Her white blood cells were elevated meaning infection. She was so cute with that band-aid on her finger. She would stare at it and hold her fingers apart and not use that hand for anything. I had to hold her drink up for her.

Then doc sent us out to the lab to get blood drawn for more tests. The tech was horrible and I almost cried, having to hold down my screaming daughter while they tried to get blood out of her arm. Then we drove back to the doc where they gave her two shots of antibiotics. As I am again holding down my screaming daughter, the nurse tells me these shots are very painful and they burn.

She still had a high fever this morning and we're going back to get her finger pricked again soon to see if her white cell count is down. Poor little sweet baby.


Courtney said...

Just back from round 2. More shots. I'm the worst mom ever. If no fever tonight, she gets a day's reprieve before she goes again. Can't wait until she goes next week for her 15 month checkup, boosters, and flu shot.


Michael said...

You're a good mom. Doing the hard things is what a good mom has to do.

Courtney said...

Day 3, round 3. Back to the doc this morning. I am so terrified.